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About Us

Janman Enterprises was established in year “2001” with the vision to serve motorbike clothing
industry and become Manufacturing & Exporting company to worldwide wholesale buyers.

In year 2010 we come up with online service “Janman Shop” is Quality online Store dealing in
various kinds of Custom Designed, Custom Fit & Stock Sizing Motorbike Racing Leather &
Textile Clothing as well as bikers Accessories.

Induction of Brand:
We have introduced our own brand "J-Ride" & Business Slogan is "RIDE with PRIDE"
Logo & "RIDE with PRIDE" scentence will be registered with "Janman Enterprises"
& the products with these Patent Logo & Scentence will only be sold on "Janman Shop"
our online facility and other authorized dealers.  



Since the foundation of Janman Shop, all products come directly from mother manufacturing
company “Janman Enterprises”, our attitude towards quality, selection of finest quality 
raw material and the craftsmanship of our highly skilled staff has made it possible to offer the
finest products.

All products are identified by Quality Control (QC). To meet the challenging demand and to
maintain and to enhance the quality of product, we use Latest techniques, best raw material,
skilled Labor, qualified staff but also adopt modern equipment, that’s why our production system is updated.

Our aim is to produce best quality products using best technologies and techniques.

Due to our quality and reputation in market, Many European and American brands are working with us

Vision Statement:
• To serve and become a business & production model

Mission Statement:
• Promote our Quality products & service.
• Ensure customer satisfaction by offering Quality Products and services driven by their needs.
• Best Ethical practices in all aspect of our operations & processes.
• Produce Best Quality of products using best latest techniques, machinery
• Improvement through Research & Development
• Ensure our support to the community and the environment with excellence


Janman Shop